The Lab: The school I would like

Here is the FINAL HANDBOOK document!

How to make your own lab: 


• Target group should be made by: pupils (better if mixed ages but also one class of same age
is ok), parents, teachers, grandparents, social workers, educators, volunteers...
• Before the lab if possible talk with teachers and explain them the project objectives and the
meaning of the lab
• Materials: a big sheet of paper, markers of different colors, post-its of 4 different colors
• Prepare the sheet of paper, put it on a wall and draw a sea line in the middle: below is the
sea (draw a fish and/or some waves) above is the sky (draw the sun and clouds) on the line
a little boat
• Someone should take pictures or video of the lab (better if you also have someone who
takes notes)
• Duration: 2 hours
• The coordinator explains what to be done (10 min)
• 3 post-its of different colors are given to participants (5 min)
• Everybody should write down on the 3 post-its: (20 min)
a) what they don't like of the school that they are in or they were in (fears or negativeness)
b) what they personally carry in the school they would like (contributes, commitment)
c) what they wish, they would like the school to have or to be (dreams, ideals)
After each one put the post-its in the appropriate side of the paper: below the sea for
negativeness, on the boats-line for contributes, in the sky the dreams
• The coordinator reads all the post-its and explains what's to be done after (20 min)
• Each person has been given another post-it (4th color) to write down the three best
'dreams' for the social capital school of those that where written in the sky (15 min)
• The coordinator (or an extra person if there is) counts the results and reads the top ten
best dreams as result of the lab (20 min)
• General discussion (20 min)
• The lab ends saying that the results will be confronted with other schools in 5 different
countries and the result of this confrontation will be written down in a hand book that will
be given back to every participant. (10 min)
• EXTRA OPTION: if you have time or the possibility and you like the idea you can also add
a previous moment (30-60 min) in which elder/adult people tells how different from now
was their school and what they use to like and/or not.
Off course each partner does it with a bit of creativity (see pictures).

And these are some lab results to be used for the Handbook:


- MostArt Lab

- Rete Educare all'Europa Lab