Round table. The social capital school: European pathways in comparison

The program: Social capital at school: sharing european experiences
Thursday May 9th 2013 10.45 a.m.-1.00 p.m.
Via Liberiana 17 - Sala Centro Servizi Volontariato
Anna Becchi, coordinator of the project The Social Capital School
The project's results
MostArt, The local activities
Agorà, The workshops
Maquina Do Mundo, a general valutation
Invited participants comment/conclude
Miriam Iacomini, Elisabetta De Lucia, Alessia Castaldi, teachers IC Manin
Claudio Federico, expert on European Programmes
Angela Nava Coordinamento Genitori Democratici, Roma
Paola Chiola Giovannetti, Associazione Genitori Scuola Marchetti, Senigallia (An)
Cristina Tonelli School director IC via dell’Archeologia, Roma
Valentina Pescetti, Associazione Genitori Scuola Garibaldi, Roma
Giulia Pietroletti, Associazione Genitori Scuola Pisacane, Roma
Gianluca Cantisani, Associazione Genitori Scuola Di Donato
The round table itself was a big success. There where almost 60 people attending at results of the project, the discussion on social capital school, the role of education from different point of views and on similar experience was very interesting. There where some experiences presented of similar Parents associations born from the Di Donato experience. Teachers, parents, and few institutions representant took part on the discussion. Some people observed that al least in Italy institutions sometimes are lagging behind schools and associations.