1. Compare different experiences between associations, teachers, parents, grandparents, social workers, volunteers in the field of non-formal education on non profit cooperation, volunteering, social inclusion, active citizenship, human and social growth, intergenerational dialogue, creating a concrete space of confrontation and training for participants and co-organizers; 

2. Raise awareness of teachers and institutions on the role of other possible active players of the educational field (parents, grandparents, social workers, volunteers, associations etc...) and on the positive results of the unity of purpose in the education field; involve them directly as active players in the learning and active citizenship process;

3. Experiment a new concept of extended family, where parents do not take care only of their own children, but they offer their time and competences to help other parents and adults in general, opening the school to the outside world and concretely contributing to increasing chances for everyone children; and different pedagogical approaches (informal, formal and non formal);

4. Promote creativity and arts as an approach to getting knowledge and inclusion, and create different outputs to represent the subject of the project: videos, theater performances, artworks, romance or poems, documents, dance or other sports' events, communication tools...; 

5. Promote the “culture of social capital” as an opportunity to develop active citizenship, to promote volunteering and sense of ownership of the EU, whilst enhancing tolerance, inclusion, solidarity and mutual understanding, confidence on collectivity and on human relationships and raise awareness on the importance of entrepreneurship and innovation in using gained knowledge in practice.