3rd Meeting - Rackeve 1-4 November 2012

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Associazione Genitori Scuola Di Donato: Anna Becchi, Carla Ancona, Elisa Ciprianetti, Francesca Balossi, Francesca Valenza, Roberto Di Meo.

Rete nazionale di scuole statali Educare all’Europa: Erika Gerardini, Elisa Mantovani, Frine Bravi, Giuseppe Rotunno, Maddalena Manzo, Fabrizio Macchia, Miguel Angel Cabezaz Ruíz, Patrizia Servizi.

Associacao Máquina do Mundo: Ana Rita Seiroco Asociación de personas participantes

Ágora: Adelaida Morte, Laura Samper

Hosting organisation MOSTart NKKE: István Bajzák, Tamás Szabó, Beáta Miskolczi, Sebastián Nagy, Anett Varga

The Bulgarian NFAPI partner didn’t attend the meeting.



November 1 – Day1

Arrival of participants


November 2 – Day2




Short welcome: István Bajzák president

Short icebreaking: Seby Nagy


Discussion of problems of project implementation, finding common agreements. Listed questions, doubts. Planning solution-discussions for each main topic.

Visiting local school partner of MOSTart NKKE – Dezső Lajos AMI. 

Meet with local partners and parents.
Local exhibiton on active civil association partners


Coordinator: workshop on introducing  the laboratory 'the school I would like' implementation on school developing ideas. Analysis of international context.

Stepping further: proposing common international activities based on lab results and project topics.

November 3- Day 3


Dance therapy speeding up

Discussion on international research – much longer than we planned (missing time for introducing local implementations) 



Detailed timetable for further steps
Planned tasks for next meeting
Evaluation and Dissemination strategy (division of tasks)
Presentation of social capital reporting

November 4– Day 4


Visit of Budapest

Departure of partners


Read the Minutes of the Meeting made by MostArt!